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[Tutorial] DrumSet Mapping from Keyboard to Skale

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Posted: Sun May 15, 2005 3:16 pm    Post subject: [Tutorial] DrumSet Mapping from Keyboard to Skale

Here is a litte Tutorial, that let's you map your keyboard (syntheziser) drumset to skale.


- external keyboard or syntheziser
- midi-interface (MIDI-IN)
- good soundcard to record your samples

1. Recording:

First you need is a sample recording software. Than choose your lovely drumset of your keyboard. Every note should be a single drum noise.

Now record all your drum noise notes in your recording software with best amplitude and save them to standalone files. the files should be named like the played note (b0.wav, c1.wav, c#1.wav etc). Record all in 44.1khz and 16 bit for a good performance.


Activate record. Press the B-0 - key on your keyboard. Cut the silence and save the file to b0.wav.

Than the same for C1-note, C#1-note and so on....
(I've recorded the notes from b0 to A#6)

Now you've a directory full of wave-files. If you want, you can resample your waves to 22050 hz (or also 8Bit, but that could sound bad) for smaller filesize.

2. Skale Instrument:

Now you need to open Skale. Go to Disk Options and load all samples in the bank of instrument. If i load my 44100Hz samples in skale they are autotuned in E-6. If i convert them to 22050Hz they are autotuned in E-5. I use 22050Hz samples.

Change to Instr.Edit. Now you've to remap all the samples to the skale instrument-Keys. Choose the first sample (B0) and then click on the virtual keyboard, where the key should be defined (also B0). A little number above the key sign the right sample in the bank.

If you press your key on your external keyboard, than the same key should be gray on the virtual keyboard at skale (that's work if you have connected a midi-interface)

Now we have to solve the problem with the wrong frequency. keys higher or lower C-4 (standard autotuned relativate E-5) are played in higher or lower frequency.
Solution: we have to relativate the tone to the opposite site of pitch.

The B-0 should now relativate to F-8, because F-8 is the opposite to B-0 (if the sample is standard relativated to E-5).
Next tone C-1 should now relativate to E-8, because E-8 is the opposite to C-1 (if the sample is standard relativated to E-5)...

The tones on external keyboard and skale should now sound equal. You've to do this with all other samples again in right steps. You've to try this. Watch the screenshot below:

Right? Ok. I've made a drumset-template with silence samples, but still preselective pitch: drumset.ski
You have only to load your recorded drum-samples into it (for samples in 22050Hz autotuned E-5).

Last but not least you have to change the instrument behavior for all samples. Add one point in the volume area, activate sustain for point00 and activate step A.

Now you can mute your keyboard (syntheziser), syncronise the BPM on skale and start the drumset creation on your external keyboard. Now all druminstruments should be played equal in skale.

3. Delete the unused samples:

If you want to make *.xm you should know that xm-files only can contain 16 samples (00-0F) for one instrument. You should copy your best samples in this area and delete the unused samples.

Ok, thats not to difficult, you have to choose your source sample (with the little number in front the samplename) and the destination (click on your first sample, which is useless for your creation (e.g. at Position 00)) in your drumset bank. Now you can xchange your sample.

Now select this sample and synchronize the key at your external keyboard and virtual keyboard in skale. You have to adjust the note of this sample: Press the note on your external keyboard and see, which key are highlighted gray, than click on the gray key.
Correct wrong frequency at new instrument position.

See the screenshot above, you can copy, xchange or delete your samples.
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