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Track duplication

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Skale Clueless

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Posted: Fri Dec 02, 2005 9:22 am    Post subject: Track duplication

I find myself copying and pasting entire tracks a lot. One of the features I like in packages like cubase is that I can make my drum loop once, and then "ghost" copy it multiple times through my tracks. And when I change the origional, all the ghosts change too.

A way to achieve the same kind of functionality in skale that I'd love to see....

In each pattern, for each track have a "pattern reference number" at the top. If this is set to the same number as the pattern you're editing then it works as normal. (This would be default).

But. If you change this "reference", it actually plays (and you see / edit) the track from another pattern.


Pattern 0 (bass loop)

0         1                  (Track number)
[00]      [00]            (NEW pattern reference)

..        ..
C-4       ..
..        ..
C#4       ..

Pattern 1 (drum loop, with pattern ref of track 0 changed to 00 to "ghost" the bass line)

0         1                 (Track number)
[00]      [01]            (NEW pattern reference)

..        C-4
C-4       ..
..        ..
C#4       D-4

Get the idea?
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