About Skale Tracker:

Skale Tracker is a music tracker developed by Ruben Ramos Salvador (baktery) in the year 1998. The first version was released for Windows, later a Linux version was presented and now a web version is here.

Web version:

Never making sound modules was so easy. Just open your web browser, load www.skale.org and start doing music!!

The web version is a ready-to-make-music sandbox: you don't need any external resource to make a song because a sample library is available.

To load a sample from the sample library use the disk options menu. Also, you'll find some demo songs which can be loaded from this menu too.

In any case, if you want to use an external resource, you can load samples and songs from your hard drive. Just press Ctrl+L and a dialog to select the file is shown.

Once you've finished your song, or you want a backup, press the save button, select the destination location on your harddrive and the song will be saved there.

And don't worry about the sound quality of the web version, the file compatibility, etc... the Windows, Linux and the web version are identical.

Enjoy it!!

Windows/Linux version:

The Windows and Linux versions are available in the download section of this website. Go there and download it if you want it, the software is freeware. Additional info is available in the package.


The Skale Tracker 0.81 for Windows/Linux is available from the next links:

Contact me at:


Loading tracker
Enter Play song
Shift + Left mouse button Right mouse button
Space Stop/Rec
Arrow keys Move cursor
Ctrl + L Load song/sample from your hard drive
F1-F7 Select piano octave
2 3 5 6 7 9 0 Black Piano keys (high octave)
Q W E R T Y U I O P White Piano keys (high octave)
S D G H J L Black Piano keys (low octave)
Z X C V B N M White Piano keys (low octave)
Tab Jump to the next track
Shift + Tab Jump to the previous track


Why is not available an option to save the songs into the server?
Because the data storage into the cloud costs money and, as you know, Skale tracker is freeware.