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Linux/PPC port? Why is Skale not free?

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Skale Clueless

Joined: 25 Jun 2006
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Posted: Sun Jun 25, 2006 11:31 am    Post subject: Linux/PPC port? Why is Skale not free?


It's been ages since I've used a tracker. I've recently been looking for a modern one to run on my laptop (Apple iBook with Linux) but I've yet to find anything decent.

Skale seems to be hands down the best modern tracker out there, both as interface and features... except that there isn't a ready-made Linux/PPC version, and it's not free software (as in GPL and all*) so I can't compile it for my setup.

Now, I don't blame the author for not compiling a Linux/PPC version, he probably doesn't even have the hardware.

But I would like to suggest him to release the source code. Maybe he has not done so because he thinks we're gonna 'steal' his code if he opens it, or maybe he wants to eventually sell Skale. Either way, it's a pity to see someone do such a good work—supposedly for the community, otherwise it wouldn't be freeware—and not accept contributions from the outside.

I guess my point is, if a user can't contribute to a project, compile it for his own system and fix bugs that affect him, what's the point of getting it for free? Of course it's the author's choice to keep it proprietary. But speaking from the user's point of view, I know that if I'm not getting source code access, I will rather pay big bucks for a finished product that includes support, or contribute to a lesser, but free, project—wasting a lot of overall effort in the process. And I have the feeling I'm not the only one who thinks like that.

* here is the difference between free as in freeware and free as in "free software"

Sorry for my first post, it was distasteful.

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Skale Clueless

Joined: 30 Aug 2006
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Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2006 3:41 pm    Post subject: Re: Linux/PPC port? Why is Skale not free?

Edit: upon rereading it, this post borders on flame. I'm sorry if it does, I didn't mean to insult anybody, certainly not Skale's author.

yes, it borders on flame. but I don't think you've insulted anybody except probably yourself with such a meaningless post. at least nobody paid attention at you as I see. So I think I should give a comment here.

I guess my point is, if I can't contribute to a project, compile it for my own system and fix bugs that affect me,

well, your point is wrong. your point should be if you can't compile it for your system, find a system that will work for you, or simply don't use it. nobody pushes you or forces you to use it.

I might as well look into something else, or pay big bucks for a finished product including support.

yeah! that's a possible solution. go ahead! why you tell us that? want to scare us? what?


* if there's someone who would reply "But Skale IS free!" please educate yourself here

skale is FREE like FREEWARE! and is not FREE like FREEDOM. who patented the word FREE to mean FREEDOM??? people use it when they mean FREEWARE also! educate yourself.

and to outline something more:
0. The freedom to run the program, for any purpose (freedom 0).
2. The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor (freedom 2).

Freedoms 1 and 3 are not present in skale, but freedoms 0 and 2 ARE! So we can consider Skale is 100% FREEWARE and 50% FREE-SOFTWARE.

So I think we should give credit to the author and respect his WILL and what he did. Making something a free-software is a decision of the author, not the audience. Please, respect the author of freeware (though proprietary) software. They give much to the community and give their labour for free.

But I can and do blame him for not releasing the source.

No you CAN'T blame him for his decision. You SHOULD however give a little respect to his decision.

He's clearly not acquired the right mindset about modern software development yet, or he thinks we're gonna 'steal' his code, or he wants to eventually sell Skale, or whatever. It's a pity to see good work like this remain confined by narrow mentality.

The ONLY ONE with a narrow mentality I see here IS YOU !

If you're so eager to PROGRAM and FIX bugs here are two free-softwares:


Both clones of FastTracker II. Now I suggest you take your time and go ahead with your WIDE and OPEN MINDED mentality, find also aother self-esteem people like you, and make those open-source trackers better than Skale. You know - they have the potential. But it's up to you.

So, next time, please respect people and their decisions. If the author decides one day that Skale will be free software I am sure he will release it. Till then BLAMING him for not doing so is really ... how you called it - NARROW MINDED.
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