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Feedback & Observations: SKM / OGG

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Time Warrior
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Posted: Thu Apr 06, 2006 5:50 pm    Post subject: Feedback & Observations: SKM / OGG

So far I really like this feature. Most of the songs i've made in over 10 years are tracked and in XM format. 104 songs totaling in 95.8MB. When converted to SKM / OGG the file size shoots WAY DOWN to a grand total of 30.4MB which is a disk space (and download time) savings of 65.4MB.

Not too shabby.

I do however have a few concerns / suggestions that i'd like to point out within my exploration of this new Skale Tracker feature.

The problem with M03 Format is that the Song Data fields are dismissed when converting. Module Song Data Fields were, are and IMHO always will be superior to that of an ID3 Tag. Making this a very nice thing to be able to have access to.

SKM seems to have the same difficulty. When using Winamp and I hit ALT+3 all it says is "Skale Tracker Winamp Plugin" ... I do not know if this is the fault of the Plugin itself or has something to do with the OGG Compression. In XMPlay it just lists the filename and the rest of the song field information is blank.

I would not want to migrate completely over to SKM with OGG if players are going to exclude the song data. I would only have SKM / OGG as an optional download because of it's efficient smaller file size.

Once the above issue is addressed I would suggest a command line batch convert utility of mod, s3m, etc.. over to SKM so that it's not a manual proccess. I have litterally THOUSANDS of module files and would not have the time nor desire to convert them manually.

Another good idea would be "SkalePlayer". Modplug is both a Tracker and Player and it's open source. I'm sure that source could easily be edited to make "SkalePlayer" and add support for SKM.

Modplug also has support for damn near every if not every module format where as Skale does not seem to. Being open source, I'm sure Modplug could be used to impliment support of loading those other module types into the tracker.

Also seeing as Skale Tracker is based on the look and feel of Fast Tracker ][ -- for the last few years i've been humbly requesting, and will continue to humbly request -- the ability to save tracks and paterns as individual files (import / export) just as FT2 can do.

Also -- Modplug Tracker has the ability to import midi and save as a module but it has one drawback. It has no way of knowing what midi insturment should be mapped to what sample. It's left up to the musician to figure out and it's a royal pain.

If someone could figure this out then Skale Tracker could some with a module sample equivelent of a midi wave table and it would make converting midi to module a snap!

Thats about it!

Time Warrior
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