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[V0.80] Buglist

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Posted: Fri Oct 01, 2004 3:32 pm    Post subject: [V0.80] Buglist

Current Skale Version: 0.80
This buglist will be maintained by the Skale Moderaters to have a good overview of reported bugs. Feel free to post new bugs in the bugs forum, but please keep the discussion of already reported bugs in the indicated 'Discuss here' topics, to keep things a bit organized.

Known bugs:

  • 3xx - basic mod effect
    - some songs good, bad with others ; Amiga Frequency Table? [discuss here]
  • 5xx - basic mod effect
    - behaviour of effect is not completely the way it supposed to be [discuss here]
  • Skale VSTi Interface
    - The Skale VSTi crashes it's host upon loading [discuss here]
  • ASIO Drivers
    - soft volume and slow graphics when using ASIO drivers [discuss here]
  • 'Internal error'-crashes
    - This seems to happen much more than it did in previous versions. [discuss here]
  • looppoints aren't loaded correctly in samples
    - so far this problem has been seen using wav/sf2 [discuss here]
  • using unused (empty) samples / sample 0
    - Skale handles this differently than FT2 did. should be FT2 compliant? [discuss here]
  • Soundfont problems
    - There are some different issues with the Soundfonts [discuss here]
  • Winamp plugin
    - The 0.80 Winamp plugin doesn't work. A new version will be released soon [discuss here]
  • Wave Rendering Bug
    - Writing a song to wav doesn't finish properly sometimes. [discuss here]
  • Problem saving old skm's in v0.80
    - A user reported that a song, which was started in v0.76, lost it's instruments after saving the module in v0.80. [discuss here]
  • Loading iff samples
    - Skale crashes when you try to load an iff sample. [discuss here]
  • Sound clicks/popping
    - After using Skale for a while it produces clicking/popping sounds when playing and Skale should be restarted to solve the problem. [discuss here]
  • Instruments keep on playing
    - When playing notes from a keyboard, occasionaly a note keeps on playing. [discuss here]
  • Loud bang, when playing along with the song.
    - When you play notes while the song is playing Skale sometimes produces a loud 'bang' sound. [discuss here]
  • VSTi problems
    - Many VSTi's don't work (correctly) yet or cause Skale to crash. [discuss here]
  • File kept open
    - When trying to open an incompatible file, Skale doesn't release the file. (inputstream not closed?) [discuss here]
  • Subgroups - crashing
    - Crashing occurs while changing the subgroup settings. [discuss here]

solved bugs:

  • Download/Unzip problem
    - some unzip programs have problems extracting the Skale packs [discuss here]

Last update: 10 March 2005
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